More God is awesome stuff

Last night we got a distressing message about a loved one going to the hospital. It was hard news but have I told how awesome God is? Well here is more how awesome stuff about how God works.

In the middle of the night, we got a message that originally freaked me out. My brother was in the ER (he lives in another state) and was being scheduled for emergency surgery.

He’s not healthy and surgery is always gonna be tricky for him.

Anyways, I was freaking out. And I just started praying and quickly I found I couldn’t pray. My fears and doubts .. we’re crazy. Then I heard that song from Newsboys: I Speak Jesus.

And I remembered what my mom told me: when you can’t pray? Just say the name of Jesus. He knows.

All I said was Jesus over and over and my mind cleared up. I felt a peace and knew God had him.

Then that morning, my parents (who live in yet another state) said they couldn’t drive to my brother due to a bad storm hitting them. I know that must’ve broke my mom .

Anyways, my husband was trying to get information from my mom and well, he doesn’t always check his message when he sends them. Well…take a look:

He meant BP or blood pressure.

My mom later told him how that helped her.

My reason for sharing? God can use anything to bless others. What you do or don’t do? God can use.

Also a reminder that God is always .. always gonna be there for ya.

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