In todays chronicles of how weird marriage is: my husband and I got into an argument of how to pronounce Deidre

Blaze (nickname for my daughter): here’s the character DEE-DREE

Me: that’s pronounced DEE-DRUH

Husband: no Jess, it’s DEE-DREE

Me: dude…are you a girl? It’s pronounced DEE-DRUH!

Husband: where’s the A?!

Blaze: here’s dee…uh…how do you say that again?


Husband: where’s the A?!

Me: I’ve known girls with this name!

Husband: again, where’s the A!? I wish there was a way to get the computer to pronounce it

Me: *pulls out Siri* see?

Husband: I can’t .. where’s the A?

Super Mario (nickname for my son): you guys are weird

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