Wrong. So wrong

So I saw the POTS doctor. She’s pretty convinced that I have POTS .. plus MCAS .. which is all being aggravated by iliac compression syndrome. I have to wait for the office to call me to schedule the tests, while I wait for the blood test results to come back. I thought I had patience … I thought wrong. So wrong.

I am supposed to see the doctor in a month to go over everything and see how I’m doing. She’s put me on a major supplement plan and I have to wait for results from all the tests to get put on anything else.

Her office still hasn’t called me back to schedule the tests .. it’s been 4 days.

I’m getting blood tests back slowly but surely. I thought hmm .. I’ll be able to understand and know beforehand what’s been happening with me.

I thought wrong. So wrong.

Jesus Lord God this sucks! I hate this Lord. Lord please forgive me for my doubts and fears and impatience. I commit these results, the timing of everything, and my healing to you. Lord I believe and hope in you alone. For you are my healer and provider. You alone have me. I hate this so much but I know you have me in the palm of your hand. I commit this back into your hands and ask most importantly not my will but yours be done.

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