Y’all .. still waiting for my test results. But I started a supplement regimen from the doctor. My hands are getting better (i have terrible eczema) but we’ve hit a new low in my “I’m allergic to everything under the sun” journey. I am now allergic to chocolate.

So I thought something was up after I snuck a couple of chocolate chips in. Yes, I know I’m not supposed to have sugar – but it’s chocolate.

Anyways, for a couple of days I didn’t have any. But today? Yea .. I indulged and? .. I’ve been itchy. My skin even opened up cause my eczema got so bad.


Lemme explain to you how deep my devotion to chocolate is.

When my mom was pregnant with me (I’m first born) my dad kept her from chocolate – cause it has caffeine. Wha? I was the first child, you do weird things then.

Anyways, because my dad used to “forbid” her to eat chocolate .. she would sneak Chocolate all the time.

So as a baby – I was indoctrinated to the beauty that is chocolate. And now? My body hates it.

Lord. But why? I know you have a plan but this doesn’t seem fair. Yes, I know I’m being petty Lord. But my life has so drastically changed. Sigh. As always Lord, not my will but yours be done.

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