Chocolate apples bananas

Today I’ve realized that even the most minor food allergens? Screw with my heart. Like chocolate .. apples .. bananas .. pretzels .. any sugar. Yesterday I ate a breakfast oval from an allergy friendly company – today? my heart rate hit 181 doing laundry.

Lord .. I’m so overwhelmed and tired with how much my life is changing. Help me Lord. Grant me wisdom. I hate this so stinking much. This sucks. I’m in such a fog right now Lord. Jesus help.

I sought the Lord
And He answered me
And delivered me
From every fear
Those who look on Him
Are radiant
They’ll never be ashamed
They’ll never be ashamed

Verse 2

This poor man cried
And the Lord heard me
And saved me from
My enemies
The Son of God
Surrounds His saints
He will deliver them
He will deliver them


Magnify the Lord with me
Come exalt
His name together
Glorify the Lord with me
Come exalt
His name forever

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