Of course

So I’m sitting in the new house chilling with the kids .. having our ac unit inspected by our new maintenance company. The guy comes and tells me that we should’ve never passed the home inspection. Of course.

I knew getting an older house was gonna be a challenge. Especially when the house was a rental previously. The yard needs to be completely overdone…overhauled?

Because of the damage the previous occupiers did – there’s basically no grass or even much dirt in our front or backyard. it’s all roots from trees….and algae.

Lord Jesus .. I can’t do this. Please help us and provide for us. Thank you that we currently have two companies that are knowledgeable and are willing to work with us. Please continue to bless us with help but more importantly wisdom on how to approach each situation. I’m commit this all into your capable hands. I praise you my God and King. Please forgive me for my doubts and fears. I know you have us in your hands.

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