Moving day!

Y’all it’s moving day! The day I have waited for is finally here and? I’m terrified. I am literally sitting on my bed not being able to move cause it’s just so much.

The remaining packing .. the move .. the ac stuff .. it’s all just … it’s got me frozen in frustration. And fear.

I’m a mess

Oh and I didn’t tell you the best part! Since we’ve been so busy setting up and stuff? And I haven’t been able to take care of myself properly? The past couple of days I’ve been feeling even crappier.

To the point that I had to tell my husband I couldn’t help him last night. The poor man was up til 1am doing stuff alone.

God, I hate this. I should be doing more – I need to help my family. I don’t understand why this is happening. I know you have a plan but could you let me in on it? I know. I know. This is all an exercise in trust. So Lord? I commit this to you. I pray that your name be glorified through it all. I ask that your Holy Spirit would come upon us and grant us peace, wisdom and strength. I thank you Lord for loving me & I praise you for you are in control and I put my hope in you. Please forgive me for losing sight of how awesome you are.

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