Have a little faith

So we moved. It took 10hrs but we moved. The movers grumbled and complained but … we did it. Thank you Lord. Teaches me how much I need to learn about faith. Jess .. have a little more faith.

Well … We woke up 3 people took showers and then we sprung a leak.

It’s to the point now the ceiling is opened a crack


The dishwasher sprung a leak…

The best part of it all? The inspector allegedly ran everything and found no problems. This happened within the first minute of the wash

Okay Lord. Okay. Have a little more faith.

Lord this is a whole new set of issues. No more roaches .. mice .. or whatever. Thank you Lord for being merciful. I praise you cause you are good and I know you have a plan. Please forgive me for my doubts and fears. I know you are teaching me to have more faith. So I put this into your capable hands and ask: not my will but yours be done. I commit this to you cause I can’t even Lord.

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