Power of prayer

Have you been praying? Praying over your family .. your friends .. loved ones .. anyone? My friend there is such great power in prayer. We all think the same… “all I can is pray”; my friend let me tell you about the power of prayer.

We were about to get hit with a tornado here in GA. My daughter walked in as I was watching the news. She freaked out – it’s not our first but the first she understood.

I said a quick prayer for wisdom and I realized we needed to pray…I turned off the tv and we prayed together. Then my daughter started crying and I realized she needed to have the faith.

Her quiet little voice prayed with tears in her eyes: Jesus please don’t let the tornado hit us. We turned the tv back on. She walked out of the room and?

The weather … meteorologist!! The meteorologist said the most beautiful words: the tornado has moved further south!

I called my daughter back in the room, replayed the news and a huge smile crept on her face.

My friend – there is such great power in prayer. Such great power. We need to realize that God? Loves us and wants the best for us. And if we ask? And it’s part of His will? He will provide. He wants to help us and bless us.

We just hafta ask him.

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