MCAS is weird

So I’m learning more and more about my new .:. Disease? Issue? MCAS is .. well weird.

Like: where did this come from?

I found out that stress can trigger a mast cell flare .. was watching the news when? My nose started acting like a faucet and my lips started burning. Currently my lips are sore and I have those weird bumps on my arm

I truly don’t get it.

My diet has become much more strict. I’m tired of constantly blowing my nose .. so no more rice.

Of course I’ll still eat rice and corned beef night tho .. Puerto Rican version of course.

I can’t really snack – like at all. So I found a couple of things that so far I’m fine with. Sunflower seeds, peanut butter (in small amounts), and I’m gonna try pickles tomorrow.

Lord I’m frustrated at how this is going. Please help me. Please bless me with wisdom and discernment on how to live a healthier life. I praise you and thank you Lord. Please forgive me for losing sight of your power.

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