Sunflower seeds

I love me a good snack y’all … now that I’m low carb it’s slim picking to find a good salty snack (with my food restrictions). But I found a good one! Sunflower seeds. All that salt? All that yummy low carb…ness. Perfect right?

Nope. Not wearing lipstick. MCAS decided to act up .. badly.


I’m frustrated. Back to the drawing board. what can I have? I can’t have a protein bar – has sugar. Can’t have pretzels. Can’t have chips. How do I get my salt in?

Yup. Back to rice. Maybe.


I have no clue..,

Lord I’m frustrated.. I know you are good and perfect and awesome. But if possible? Can you take this away from me? I’m tired of being scared to eat. And I’m tired of getting sick. But if not Lord? I will still praise you – for you have this happening for a reason.

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