too much

ya know there is such a thing as knowing too much. Oh yeah – i said it. There is. Too much leads to things like thinking you are better …. than anyone. It leads to you thinking you know it all when that is far from the case.

Take me.

When I found out I had suffered from a mental illness – I told people. I told the world. I knew everyone needed to know.

This backfired big time. Big time.

People who called me “friend” .. patronized me.

I was alienated

My children were alienated….it hurt. I could go on but that would lead only to bitterness.

Turns out I was misdiagnosed. Did I tell anyone?

Nope. People showed who they really were to me. And there leads my point

No matter how much you know? You don’t. No one does – except Jesus. If we act like we know it all? We are bound to lose our witness. we are bound to ruins people’s view of Christ.

We will ruin people’s chances of getting into heaven y’all! We are dealing with eternity here people.

Please remember friend .. only Jesus .. lemme repeat that: only JESUS knows it all. So stop trying to act like you do

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