I like sharing my life. Sharing what I’m learning, sharing what I’ve been through, and so on. But ya know what else I’m gonna share? The ugly parts too, why? Cause I’m real

I know for a fact that people struggle – but for some reason these same people think they are alone.

I’m one of them.

I struggle with everything – not even talking about just physical stuff either.

Mentally .. spiritually .. we all struggle have questions. Have ideas .. whatever.

I struggle but I share that struggle so that people can know they are not alone.

I commit each day to God and ask that He would use me – but do I get so mad I could spit? Over something as silly as a DMV issue?


But I know that even though I fail? Even though I struggle? God is still with me and He loves me.

I share all that, so you can know it’s true for you too. As a child of God? He is always there with open arms – as long as you confess your sins and turn back to Him. Not a Christian? Ay my friend – He’s waiting for you too. But you have to accept Him.

If you accept Jesus into your heart and admit you are a sinner who needs Him desperately? You are His and nothing can take you away from Him.

Remember that my friend, we all struggle and fail. But God still loves us no matter what.

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