Rockstar writing

Okay y’all my rockstar decided to share with you a little snippet of her next book: Farapan

……”take batteries and flashlights,” said John. He took a pocket knife and elizabeth took a bow and arrow. They went out of the room and heard screaming from the hallway ahead they peaked in the hole and saw a guy in a hockey mask holding a TRIDENT! Liza shot him but that didn’t give ‘em a whole lot of time to run. “JOHN WE HAVE NO CHOICE WE HAVE TO KILL THE MONSTER!”, Elizabeth screamed.

They were running and running when Liza found a HUGE HEAVY axe and they came to a door.

BUT! It was locked

“JOHN YOU HAVE A POCKET KNIFE UNLOCK THE DOOR!”, yelled Elizabeth. “You deal with the monster, as I unlock the door,” instructed John.

John was unlocking the door as fast as he could, as the monster got closer and CLOSER

“I GOT IT!” John yelled in relief.


stay tune for more of the story

Edited by me for grammar

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