God is cool

Another God is cool story coming up – wait did I call it that previously? Anyways .. lemme tell you this past week has been hard. I know you can’t tell but it’s been a week since I wrote.

Has it? Oh my goodness .. let’s just say it’s been a minute.

So I have been reacting badly to some stuff (as you can tell from my previous recent posts) and it’s gotten me so defeated.


I was gonna list all the emotions but let’s just say it’s been all over.


The ac is still not fixed and it’s started getting hot here. Last night was horrible even w the fans on. And lemme tell you a big part of my POTS symptoms? Is triggered by heat. But I committed it all to the Lord and?

Lord willingly the ac will be fixed within the next 2 wks. Please Lord let it be done as soon as possible but of course not my will but yours be done.

Anyways, in the meantime we decided to get more fans. We came home and decided to go through the garage where we found a significant leak coming from the water heater.

We tried calling the company doing our ac (they do plumbing) but they couldn’t get anyone to come look til tomorrow.

My husband and I stopped and started praying.

I called someone from the church to see if they knew someone and?

Someone is coming right now to take a look.

All this to remind you my friend – God will always be there for you as long as you call on Him! He will always provide and always protect. Just talk to Him.

Commit your life to God. Admit you are a sinner and accept Him and His rules for living (AKA the Bible).

You will never regret it.

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