Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I can’t help but talk about the women in my life who made a huge impact in my life.

My parents

First off? My mom. We’ve had a strained relationship in the past but as I’ve gotten older – I finally understand…her.

Understand her sacrifices, her love, her craziness, her fierce love of the Lord. she has taught me so much – but most importantly she taught me to keep my eyes on the Lord.

She inspires me and encourages me daily. Thank you Lord for her.

My Big grandma

Next is my big grandma (I don’t have a single pic of her alone before she passed). She loved deeply. She was a fierce lover of the Lord. She was the only one (outside of my immediate family) that loved this quirky chick. She would let herself be goofy with me. I miss her deeply. She taught me to love first.

sorry grandma that I’m just getting that now at 42.


My little grandma

Little grandma aptly nicknamed cause she was shorter than my other abuela.

Ay, this woman. I pray that I grow to be just like her.

She always, always was adventurous. She always tried new things. She never let fear control her. She had fears I’m sure – but she never acted like it. Y’all – in her old age? Learned to ride a .:. Motorcycle? Or wait .. tractor? I don’t know. But I remember I was married when she joined an opera. I asked her why she joined. Her answer: why not?

She was always talking about the Lord. Oh my word how I regret not understanding that as a child. She always was trying to show how God was working. She taught me to care about myself and to show Gods love to others.


My mother in law

This beautiful woman I am blessed to know as my mother in law. She has such a wonderful heart. She gives as much as she can over herself. She is always looking to help others. She is teaching me: how to serve.

Thank you Lord for these beautiful women in my life. I pray that you would bless the women still with us. I ask that you would encourage them and grant them wisdom. I thank you for my time with my grandmas, I pray that you would use me in others as you used them in my life.

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