Being a Christian

I ain’t gonna sugar coat it: Being a Christian is difficult. A lot are under the impression that life gets easier when you choose to follow God – but it don’t. In fact I would even choose to say it gets harder

Why would I say something so bold?

Well think about it – first and foremost as a child of God? The enemy has us pointed out and placed a huge target on us. Why? Cause we are making a daily choice to follow the Lord. And he hates that

We are choosing the most difficult path but definitely the most rewarding.

Second? When life gets difficult what do we as sinful creatures like to do? Run. Hide. Bury our feelings in a bottle .. sex .. food .. drugs .. whatever it takes to deal with the overwhelming situation.

But as Christians we don’t have to do that – we have the option to do that (God gave us free will) – but we don’t.

We choose the peace of the Lord.

Hey, am I saying it’s 100% fool proof? No & only because we are sinful creatures and are bound to fall back into old habits. But when we admit our sins and failures and accept God into our hearts and lives? we let the Lord be the ruler and controller of all of our life and my friend? Oh what peace you will feel.

I’ve talked about trusting in God a lot on this blog and is it easy?

All sorts of no

But I will tell you one thing: God hasn’t failed me yet. If you accept Him into your heart and let Him? I promise He will do the same for you

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