Cry out to Jesus

In all the trials in my life one thing I have finally started to realize? If you cry out to Jesus – He will answer you. He will always be there for you. Why? Good question. Let me give you a couple of examples. My daughter and I were driving home from an appointment and […]


I’ve been having interesting dreams and want to share. I will leave to you what they mean .. God has really been placing this on my heart and I want to share. It was just after my grandmothers funeral, we were in her apartment, gathering her stuff. she used to live in an old apartment […]


It’s reached the high of 84 inside my house and 89 outside with no breeze. So opening the windows doesn’t help. My daughter and I almost passed out…but the ac is being fixed now. So I praise you Lord for you are good and kind. In Christ alone, my hope is foundHe is my light, […]


We still haven’t been able to fix our ac system yet. Working out logistics and all that. It’s a warm day, I have the ac on. Doesn’t work much but we have it on to get some air flowing. So I’m sitting in the master bedroom doing laundry, had to step in the master bath […]


Lord things are not heading our way. Things are overwhelming again. My body is aching horribly .. MCAS is taking away a lot of my foods. But I say: Great are you Lord All the Earth will shout Your praiseOur hearts will cry, these bones will singGreat are You Lord(Come on say, all the Earth […]


Y’all .. still waiting for my test results. But I started a supplement regimen from the doctor. My hands are getting better (i have terrible eczema) but we’ve hit a new low in my “I’m allergic to everything under the sun” journey. I am now allergic to chocolate. So I thought something was up after […]