Some more genetics

So I was impatient about the genetics….geneticist appointment. And I found out what I have waiting for me. Some more waiting. Lemme ‘splain … So I called them and they explained to me that I have to wait until basically November to hear if I get an appointment. If. They have to go through all […]

My eyebrow

Looking at me .. I look fairly normal except for my eyebrow. You may think I have a political statement or fashion statement. But it’s really much simpler…I’m chronically ill It looks like I have half an eyebrow .. cause I do. Because of my POTS symptoms .. or hypothyroidism or family genetics .. or […]

Say wha?

I’m still waiting for genetic testing from the doctor, but I thought I’d let you in on a secret. Ehlers Danlos is not a rare disease because people don’t have it but because people don’t talk about it. I know what you’re thinking cause I thought it too: Say wha? how? Well it’s a disease […]