Dear Lord

I thank you my dear Lord. I thank you for your mercies and your strength. I thank you for teaching me. I thank you for loving in spite of my complaining. I thank you Lord for this time of pain and suffering. I hate it to my core but I am thankful because I am […]

Okay Lord

Okay Lord. I know you have a plan .,. But could you tell me? Let me in on what’s gonna happen? This sucks. The pain….the fact that I can’t even think of anything worse cause it’s that bad…this sucks I know. I know. Patience. But why do I hafta wait? This sucks! I feel like […]


This time sucks. aint no but about that Lord. But I thank you for always being there for me. Even when I dont deserve it. Thank you for always protecting us. Thank you Lord for always providing for us. Thank you Lord for someone as ornery as me. Thank you Lord for being so good […]

One thing

It’s seriously just one thing after another. Problems with this house, problems with our Maryland house … my health. Sigh I am just so overwhelmed Lord. Help me. Save me from the enemy that looks to overtake me Lord. Be my help. My strong tower. Lord I look to you cause this is all out […]

All alone

I feel so alone. All by myself is definitely my theme song of the day. I’m trying to fight these thoughts of bitterness but here I am all alone sitting here with all this to do And that’s just my room. I have done the kitchen … all by myself. I have done the laundry […]