My ministry

Y’all for years and I am talking years … I was praying about being in a ministry. Then I thought my ministry was in the church. Then i thought my ministry was as an influencer (stop judging) and then and then … you see where I’m going with this? I was always looking to the […]


Lord. Sorry. My bad. I’ve been complaining how I have Covid and no one is giving me rest. Whoops. Lord I know you want me to be in ministry but is this what you meant? No rest? No peace time? I’m tired Lord. It’s been a long stinking day and it’s not even noon. I […]


so. previously i was supporting a ministry – not gonna do any linking cause well see James 4:11. lemme get into it. anyways. i no longer support that ministry cause it really had funky ….. values. lemme splain. i was listening to a podcast and the person said something along the following: “don’t say ‘i […]