Oh Lord I can’t

We are at the beginning of the hot season here in Georgia – which would be nothing if not for the ac being busted. We have it on now .. but it barely works. Oh Lord I can’t deal with this. My symptoms get 1000xs worse in the heat. Lord I’m so frustrated and so […]

Diet changes

Well .:. I have my appointment with the POTS cardiologist. In March … sigh. Well … now I hafta wait. In the meantime .. like I said previously: I make the changes I can to help my symptoms. Diet changes, exercise changes, and clothing. March 1st come soon – please God. So as far as […]


I am sitting here in my new house totally and completely uncomfortable. It’s possible now the exterminator won’t come for 2 wks. I feel the creepy heebie jeebies constantly. I just can’t relax. Lord help me please. I can’t do this on my own. please forgive my doubt and worry. Lord I know you will […]

One thing

It’s seriously just one thing after another. Problems with this house, problems with our Maryland house … my health. Sigh I am just so overwhelmed Lord. Help me. Save me from the enemy that looks to overtake me Lord. Be my help. My strong tower. Lord I look to you cause this is all out […]