More God is awesome stuff

Last night we got a distressing message about a loved one going to the hospital. It was hard news but have I told how awesome God is? Well here is more how awesome stuff about how God works. In the middle of the night, we got a message that originally freaked me out. My brother […]


Lord you are awesome and powerful and kind. I know this to be true but Lord? I’m crumbling right now. I believe you will get us through and that you will never leave and that you see me .. but sometimes it’s too hard. Please God forgive me – but this life is hard. Today […]


Y’all? My God is awesome. You see my hubby’s surgery? Went well! Thank you Jesus! The doctor said everything went smoothly and hubby came home same day. Thank you Lord for your goodness. Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy. Thank you Lord for always being there for us .. even when we’re being […]