Ay yi yi

I like to write. I find my release in it. No for real, when I’m having a big emotion? I need to write to get everything out or I’m just a big ball of nerves. But here’s the thing – my kids are on summer vacation now (homeschooling) so when do I get the time? […]


she looked around the floor. Everything was drenched. The chairs. the floor. the garbage can. the recycling. “Sorry mommy” Of course this happens when my husband is not home and its a bad pain day. Of course, she thought to herself. She sighed. “Take everything upstairs” And she began the arduous task of cleaning the […]


Sometimes I feel so alone. So mad that I’m in a certain situation. Currently I’m going through a bad flare up from IBS and a bad cold. Did I ever mention to y’all that I’m a big whiner – thought I’d put that out there. Anyways, alone. I feel alone. I feel misunderstood. Ashamed. Alone. […]