Hi, I’m Jess a recovering Perfectionist

yeah. Perfectionism …. being a perfectionist….what is the right answer? Hi folks, I’m Jess – writer extraordinaire (dude I totally had to look up the spelling of this). Sigh. Moving on. I’m a recovering perfectionist. I hate how much so. It gets in the way of so much. Like this whole thyroid thing. Did I […]


With all this going on? I haven’t been able to get much sleep. Literally from having Covid til now? My sleep has been horrible. Which only adds to my fears of course I can’t even remember when I’ve had a good nights sleep. Last night I got up at 2:30. The night before the same. […]


I’m sitting here in the big lazy boy frustrated. So frustrated. I’m feeling much better from Covid but my poor husband has been stuck doing all the last minute packing by himself. I feel so useless and like I’m taking advantage of such a good man. God please be with my husband. Grant him the […]


Lord. Sorry. My bad. I’ve been complaining how I have Covid and no one is giving me rest. Whoops. Lord I know you want me to be in ministry but is this what you meant? No rest? No peace time? I’m tired Lord. It’s been a long stinking day and it’s not even noon. I […]