Its dark but i know

Its been a dark time Lord. Its been a scary time but I know….I know that you will get us through. and i praise you. I really dont want to say that but I praise you for this time. I praise you because this time is teaching me and I am learning. I hate trials […]


It’s reached the high of 84 inside my house and 89 outside with no breeze. So opening the windows doesn’t help. My daughter and I almost passed out…but the ac is being fixed now. So I praise you Lord for you are good and kind. In Christ alone, my hope is foundHe is my light, […]


I hate that word: normal. I’m getting test after test coming back normal. Sigh. I hate this. God forgive me but I hate this so much. I’ve been taking the supplements and I’m noticing a difference. My hand was dark black from terrible eczema. My hand is clearing up… My blood pressure has stabilized. Previously, […]

Have you?

You’ve probably have noticed I’ve been posting a lot of praise songs. The reason why is cause I’ve finally realized how important it is to praise God, especially through those dark times. Have you? It’s so easy to concentrate on the bad – especially with the way things are going in this world. It’s so […]


Lord I am at a loss. I feel everything just … I don’t even know. Jesus help me Light of the worldYou stepped down into darknessOpened my eyes, let me seeBeauty that made this heart adore YouHope of a life spent with You Here I am to worshipHere I am to bow downHere I am […]