Who knew sitting and fellowshipping with family would give me this level of exhaustion. I miss the days where I could do anything and not worry about it. This Spoonie life is rough. So today we had the open house for … our house. did I say that right? Moving on…. We bought lunch and […]


As a Spoonie? You can’t help but feel incredibly lonely. No one truly understands the pain, the exhaustion, the fact that your life is drastically changing minute by minute. People can feel sorry but no one truly understands and that’s lonely I’m going through a bad flare…or whatever is happening in my body currently. It’s […]

So much

There just so much of what I want to say. I’m having a bad flare up due to stress – assuming there. I literally have no idea what is happening to my body right now. I excused myself from dinner cause … well I just didn’t feel right. My back hurt, I’m weak, exhausted, emotionally […]