My fears are big

My fears are big but my God is bigger. There’s so much going on y’all I can’t even think sometimes. At this point I am still waiting for my test results of the heart monitor. And yes. I’m still convincing myself I’m dying. We are going through some other stuff – not my place to […]


no one likes me. im alone. i dont deserve to be here. These are all lies my friend. Lies that the enemy wants you to believe to control your heart. That fear and self loathing you feel? Thats not from God. I felt it for years and quite honestly? I still struggle with those thoughts. […]


I pray these pics bless you as it has blessed me. These are the beginnings of the end times – life is gonna get harder. Seemingly unlivable even – that’s when you hold to this beautiful promise: And the LORD, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will […]

Well huh…

Well…I finally got a blood pressure machine. I’ve only been keeping track of my heart rate. I had been reading more and more about POTS and noticing my feet were getting swollen frequently. So I got one. Well this is … new huh? Oh wait this gets better .. notice my pulse? Yeah. If my […]


We almost have a house!! Almost! We are waiting for inspections and paperwork but Lord willingly within the next 2 weeks we have a house. Lord I commit this time to you. I ask that your name be praised and glorified. I commit this house buying process to you. I ask Lord that if this […]