This is how I fight

My symptoms are getting worse. Slowly but surely. But worse. My neck burning pain has now gotten lower. I feel random prickly pain all over. Like it literally is hard for me to type right now. I feel weak and shaky … doesn’t help that I just drank 3 cups of coffee but that’s neither […]

Here I am

Lord here I am .. I’m tired. I’m worn out. I’m trying to hope and trust in you but this is hard. So I praise you as I try to learn to truly trust in you You are my vision, O King of my heartNothing else satisfies, only You LordYou are my best thought by […]

Oh boy oh boy

Y’all? Oh boy oh boy … something huge has happened. Like life altering .. can’t really speak on it but dude. It just reminds me to encourage you guys and me – bathe your family in prayer!!! The enemy is attacking families like crazy. It is so so so important to constantly bathe your family […]

CVS pharmacy

Wait … lemme tell you a little something about CVS pharmacy. They are always late in filling your prescriptions. They are overworked. They are almost always run down. they also? Saved my life. So remember how I told you that not only I was on the wrong meds but that one combination could’ve killed me? […]