Lord Jesus I’m frustrated

I just got back from the last cardiologist appointment and the results? I’m normal. Lord Jesus I’m frustrated. I knew .. I knew he was full of crap when he said: “do you think you can trigger an episode?” I have dysautonomia. The literal definition is a dysfunction of the AUTONOMIC nervous system. But I […]


I’m a planner .:. I plan out every aspect of everything. planning helps me – keep control I guess. I planned on running a marathon – but POTS changed that. I planned on losing a bunch of weight – but MCAS is making that harder and harder. Makes me frustrated and feeling defeated A lot […]

God is cool

Another God is cool story coming up – wait did I call it that previously? Anyways .. lemme tell you this past week has been hard. I know you can’t tell but it’s been a week since I wrote. Has it? Oh my goodness .. let’s just say it’s been a minute. So I have […]

MCAS is weird

So I’m learning more and more about my new .:. Disease? Issue? MCAS is .. well weird. I found out that stress can trigger a mast cell flare .. was watching the news when? My nose started acting like a faucet and my lips started burning. Currently my lips are sore and I have those […]

More news

Got more frustrating news in regards to my health. More normal. How is it normal to be feeling like this?! I’m mad. But you know what? I praise you Lord. You are my shepherd and you guide me. You are my healer & provider. So I wait and trust in you…. “Great Are You Lord” […]