Let’s explain a little

I keep writing prayers about being scared and overwhelmed. Thought “hmmm…let’s explain a little more ..” So not only do we have critters, warped boards (to the point you feel like you’re about to go through the floor), not only do we have 1 working shower, not only do we have holes around the house […]

So close

We almost bought a house! So so so close. We had the papers to sign and then got the call? Someone else already bought it Not gonna lie I was disappointed. I hate this house. God forgive me but I do. But as I sat in my disappointment the other day, I remembered a recent […]


So I’m gonna try to write this without being upset. I went to my doctors appointment yesterday and was turned away. Even after I told them I needed meds refilled and I was a chronic illness sufferer. So here’s how it went. I have several chronic illnesses for which I take meds for. One is […]