kids. right?

I mean….kids. right? I mean…… all the frustrations in the world come when you have kids. They never listen and they are always fighting back. For example? My kids like to play in the other room with their toys and they have got my ability…….they’re loud. Like holy-goodness-are-you-deaf? loud. Anyways, they always end up arguing […]


That’s a classic song underdog from Audio Adrenaline…take a listen. That’s me right now. I’m an underdog for so many reasons but for the sake of todays post? My health. I started that high salt, low carb diet right? Friend? I started feeling fantastic. I started having energy. I started feeling hungry. I was feeling […]


Ok I’m confessing the truth … I opened up my Instagram account again. There’s a certain draw to that app. It’s weird. Well .. I honestly started it up again so I can find out more information on POTS. And I did – but then I started noticing other things. I was looking for attention. […]