Meds check

Well I told y’all I would be sharing how my life changed. Here’s a half meds check for ya. Oh and this? Is just my upstairs meds … also? That’s not all. I’ve not included the pain meds My life is weird …

Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I can’t help but talk about the women in my life who made a huge impact in my life. First off? My mom. We’ve had a strained relationship in the past but as I’ve gotten older – I finally understand…her. Understand her sacrifices, her love, her craziness, her fierce love of […]

Rockstar writing

Okay y’all my rockstar decided to share with you a little snippet of her next book: Farapan ……”take batteries and flashlights,” said John. He took a pocket knife and elizabeth took a bow and arrow. They went out of the room and heard screaming from the hallway ahead they peaked in the hole and saw […]


We still haven’t been able to fix our ac system yet. Working out logistics and all that. It’s a warm day, I have the ac on. Doesn’t work much but we have it on to get some air flowing. So I’m sitting in the master bedroom doing laundry, had to step in the master bath […]


So my heart rate hit 155 .. while food shopping. I know, I know, I gotta let the meds take effect. But almost passing out while in Walmart is not on my bucket list. Lord, I commit this to you. Help me Lord. Guide me Lord please. I ask that you would heal me and […]