Moving part 2

Here’s moving part 2. I know you’ve been dying to know. Where was I? my husband gets the job. At this time we had cut off talks with the real estate agents but then before my husband even called them to … re-engage? I started packing. I got things off the wall. I packed up […]

So close

We almost bought a house! So so so close. We had the papers to sign and then got the call? Someone else already bought it Not gonna lie I was disappointed. I hate this house. God forgive me but I do. But as I sat in my disappointment the other day, I remembered a recent […]


So I’m gonna try to write this without being upset. I went to my doctors appointment yesterday and was turned away. Even after I told them I needed meds refilled and I was a chronic illness sufferer. So here’s how it went. I have several chronic illnesses for which I take meds for. One is […]