His perfect timing

I hate waiting – I know not shocking. But I know he has a perfect timing. In His perfect timing there is something so spectacular and wonderful. What it is? I don’t know. And I hate that. I’m sitting here … actually laying … writing this post after a long night of just pain. Why […]


Today is Valentine’s Day. I know I had a post on the actual day but I couldn’t brain. So here we are. My heart is not working right – almost passed out yesterday from taking out the trash. Today I passed out from putting on my compression sleeves. Sigh. This Valentine’s sucks My husband got […]

Oh boy oh boy

Y’all? Oh boy oh boy … something huge has happened. Like life altering .. can’t really speak on it but dude. It just reminds me to encourage you guys and me – bathe your family in prayer!!! The enemy is attacking families like crazy. It is so so so important to constantly bathe your family […]