Answering prayer

My God is so good. He is answering prayer even when I just doubt. Lord I don’t deserve you… I have been praying for the house fixes all week. that we would get an efficient, diligent worker. What happened? Well .. God came through big time. Even added works? He did. The worker came through […]

just a prayer

So this is how it is. I’m tired. This week I’m having surgery. Last week the kids had VBS. The week before that we went on vacation – and my husband is one of those that doesn’t believe in resting on vacation. I’m tired. I’m overwhelmed. I can’t do this. I wanna scream and yell […]

Dear doctor

To the doctor who didn’t believe me .. dear doctor .. please remember one thing: I wanna be mad and put you on blast. But you know what? I’m gonna pray for you. I’m gonna pray that God would open your eyes and grant you wisdom. I’m gonna ask that God would bless you. I’m […]