Have a little faith

So we moved. It took 10hrs but we moved. The movers grumbled and complained but … we did it. Thank you Lord. Teaches me how much I need to learn about faith. Jess .. have a little more faith. Well … We woke up 3 people took showers and then we sprung a leak. It’s […]

Fun times

I hope y’all had some fun times at thanksgiving. This is the week of thanksgiving for us. My family came down for a visit and it’s been a blessed time. I wanna say that it’s cause I finally got off the wrong meds. I wanna say it’s cause we got cleared from the roaches. I […]

I want to

I want to spray this house until we are breathing in fumes of roach spray. I’m not even close to kidding. I want to take control and get rid of this bug problem myself but I know I need to wait on the Lord. So in each location we’ve lived in – with the exception […]


Lord I can’t deal. I can’t deal with this. Why are these roaches freaking me out so much? Forgive me my doubt Lord please. Grant me your strength and peace. There is absolutely no way I can do this without you. I can’t do this at all. Please help. Please allow the exterminator to come […]