I can’t even begin

So. This last offer backed out. Again. I can’t even. I mean just when we begin … Lord what is happening? house is back on market. Y’all? Even the real estate agent even said he’s never seen anything like this. Well we moved in! It was interesting. The house is absolutely beautiful but it was […]


Through this crappy time, I’ve been learning a lot. Like? It’s all about attitude and your focus isn’t it? Cause if not? You’d be just wallowing in self pity and despair. That’s what I’ve been doing. Just check my twitter. I mean ..: I’m human. What else can I say? Spoonie life is rough and […]


sometimes I like to be just still. No noise. No people…..just me. Not depression. Not anxiety. Well maybe anxiety. You see there are just sometimes when people are just too much for me. And I just hide. Or I lash out. Lashing out seems to be the go to emotion for me. Thats all I’ll […]