About Jessica


Its me.


Oh boy is this gonna be an interesting story. Well I dont want to give out too much as I am writing my life story but here ya go..

Well, like I said? I’m Jessica. I am a woman of God who has gone through the depths of hell and back.

I developed post traumatic stress disorder from years of physical, mental and sexual abuse.

I’m a writer who is a stay at home mom of 2 awesomely abled kids. Married to the best man in the universe, we live in the country.

We are city folks truly displaced.

I love Jesus more than anything in this world and need to share that with people.

I felt a true calling to work in this ministry. So here I am. Sharing with you my story and how it applies to the gospel. Have a question? Please ask me! I want to help you understand God as best as I can!