I don’t know what to say

I don’t. It’s been a couple of bad pain days – non stop rainy days. My leg is killing me. And the worst part is? The part with the major arthritis doesn’t hurt that much – it’s the muscle pain. That’s the pain that cripples me and leaves me near tears. I don’t know what […]

Talking about that Spoonie life

Yeah here I am talking about that Spoonie life again. Oh well. But bear with me cause I am gonna use that to show you how Jesus changed me. Long story short? It’s been a crappy 3yrs of my body breaking down. Here’s a pic of me during my worst: I used to chronicle my […]

Ay yi yi

I like to write. I find my release in it. No for real, when I’m having a big emotion? I need to write to get everything out or I’m just a big ball of nerves. But here’s the thing – my kids are on summer vacation now (homeschooling) so when do I get the time? […]

Things get in the way

Like for real. Things get in the way and it really pisses me off. Like I went to the doctor finally for my latest injury. I was optimistic, I was joyful looking toward finally starting the process of healing from this and then the doctor told me I was too fat. Too fat. This girl […]

My ministry

Y’all for years and I am talking years … I was praying about being in a ministry. Then I thought my ministry was in the church. Then i thought my ministry was as an influencer (stop judging) and then and then … you see where I’m going with this? I was always looking to the […]

Do you remember?

Well do ya? Do you remember this truth? I know this is an easy thing to forget – I know I have. We are so inundated with the idea that the only way to get things done is to “do it for yourself” or “manifest this” or “will it” Nah my friend. That’s not how […]


She looked quietly in the mirror. Her scars horrified her. She hated the way they proudly showed themselves off. Look at me! I hurt her when she was told she was fat. No! Look at me! I scarred her when people laughed at her. Nah! It’s me! I’m the most damaging! No one will ever […]


Through this crappy time, I’ve been learning a lot. Like? It’s all about attitude and your focus isn’t it? Cause if not? You’d be just wallowing in self pity and despair. That’s what I’ve been doing. Just check my twitter. I mean ..: I’m human. What else can I say? Spoonie life is rough and […]

Okay Lord

Okay Lord. I know you have a plan .,. But could you tell me? Let me in on what’s gonna happen? This sucks. The pain….the fact that I can’t even think of anything worse cause it’s that bad…this sucks I know. I know. Patience. But why do I hafta wait? This sucks! I feel like […]


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