Oh sweet Lord

So this? This down here? Is where we are at now. Oh sweet Lord … Oh and that’s not all… Apparently our shower needed to be replaced. My kids shower hasn’t worked since we moved. So there are holes all over until the rental company decides to fix it. Lord. Oh sweet and Heavenly Father. […]

Fun times

I hope y’all had some fun times at thanksgiving. This is the week of thanksgiving for us. My family came down for a visit and it’s been a blessed time. I wanna say that it’s cause I finally got off the wrong meds. I wanna say it’s cause we got cleared from the roaches. I […]

And just like that

And just like that I have a teenager… Lord I thank you for my son and the blessings he has brought to my life. I thank you for his kindness and his willingness to be a servant. I ask that you would show us how to help him navigate this new journey he’s on. I […]

One more time

So yesterday I saw the new cardiologist … the best part? My brain fog was horrible .. it’s still horrible. Well here we start one more time. Well the appointment went well. I can’t even think about it – my brain fog is fierce right now. He immediately put me on a holter monitor. Again. […]

There will be joy

I’m just having a hard time. I’m having a hard time finding joy. Please forgive me Lord. But thank you Lord for these reminders that there will be joy:

Lord help me please

Please Lord help me. I’m so overwhelmed. I’m in pain. I’m tired. I’m scared. We keep coming I across hurdles in finding a house. My chest pain has gotten worse. I’m getting numbness and tingling in my body randomly. The bugs are back. My neck pain is getting worse. I’m all alone. Lord please help […]

Trusting God

It’s been a weird time here. Both my husband and I are in a teaching storm. It’s been a time where I need to trust God and where my husband needs to learn patience (his words). Holy Moses it’s been a time of trusting and waiting. I’m grateful for this time tho. God has been […]

Let’s explain a little

I keep writing prayers about being scared and overwhelmed. Thought “hmmm…let’s explain a little more ..” So not only do we have critters, warped boards (to the point you feel like you’re about to go through the floor), not only do we have 1 working shower, not only do we have holes around the house […]

Dear God

I pray Lord … please dear God … let my life reflect you always.

More from my rockstar

Here’s the last bit from my rockstar. Waiting for her to give me more … 🪲: hey guys SaMmY: hey stinkbug :D- hey stinkbug Gigi1234:hey stinkbug 👄: hey SaMmY: hey lips Avwey: 👧🏼 hey SaMmY: ummm I’ll brb 🐨: hye!!!!! SaMmY: wduw 🐽: squeee squeee SaMmY: hey pig nose Avwey: pig nose :D- piggy nose […]


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