You’ve got plans for me

Lord these past couple of days … i’ve been at a loss. lost. you know what i mean. I’ve been scared and confused and … well … all over the place. But Lord? I know you’ve got plans for me. I put my trust in you and do what I need to do to get […]

I’m so over this

Well as you read … whenever. My test results came back normal. I was referred to a POTS specialist. I’m so over this. I want answers now. I want to now already what’s been happening. Lord I can’t. And then – just so you know – living the Spoonie life is rough. Why? Cause everyone […]

Well that happened

So there’s this meme going around for chronic illness suffers. It goes along the lines “getting normal medical test results leads to the doctor saying you’re fine” well that happened. Wait lemme get it for you… Couldn’t find it but this is close: Sigh. My holter monitor results came back normal – thank God. But […]

My fears are big

My fears are big but my God is bigger. There’s so much going on y’all I can’t even think sometimes. At this point I am still waiting for my test results of the heart monitor. And yes. I’m still convincing myself I’m dying. We are going through some other stuff – not my place to […]

Needed this

Y’all I so needed this today. I pray it blesses you as well. Please remember if you are going through something? You are not alone. Talk with someone. Anyone. God. A Pastor. A friend. A family member. Or even me. God bless my friends

I need to think

Bear with me y’all. I need to think. There’s stuff happening that I don’t understand (not with my health but it’s happening to those close and this blog ain’t about them) and I feel overwhelmed. I know it’s par for the course with my life right now – but this part doesn’t seem fair. I […]

Hurry up and wait

I hate the times of “hurry up and wait” … it’s the worst. Y’all know I’ve had a case or 10 of those. Sigh. Well here we go again. My cardiologist appointment? Postponed until my results of the holter monitor thing is done. Okay Lord. Okay. I’ll hurry up and wait…I hate waiting but I […]

Every single morning

Ever since my thyroid surgery, almost every single morning I’ve woken up and prayed: Lord help me. I just can’t do this. And? He has. No. Not helped me. He has literally been carrying me through this. There have been times where my knees are about to buckle from me about to pass out and […]

Holter Monitor Day 4

well its Day 4 of me wearing the holter monitor. How is it going? Well I’ll tell ya. Interesting. I have to take it off each morning to charge it for a period of time. They told me it takes an hour and what have i found out? It takes an hour and a half. […]

Strength comes from above

I told yall about that David play right? The song that impacted my recent life. Well, this comes from it: “…strength comes from above….to lead us to love….you have a choice…trust in your Shepherd…listen for His word…follow His voice” Man. Yesterday proves it ya know? I have no strength. More and more i am finding […]


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