Something to talk about

I was previously listening to several books that took 2 extreme forms of what a godly woman should be. And it’s giving me something to talk about…wait. Think about. Sorry … brain fog. One book was talking about how we have great power as a woman. How God made us a for a special purpose […]


so. previously i was supporting a ministry – not gonna do any linking cause well see James 4:11. lemme get into it. anyways. i no longer support that ministry cause it really had funky ….. values. lemme splain. i was listening to a podcast and the person said something along the following: “don’t say ‘i […]

Say wha?

I’m still waiting for genetic testing from the doctor, but I thought I’d let you in on a secret. Ehlers Danlos is not a rare disease because people don’t have it but because people don’t talk about it. I know what you’re thinking cause I thought it too: Say wha? how? Well it’s a disease […]