It’s reached the high of 84 inside my house and 89 outside with no breeze. So opening the windows doesn’t help. My daughter and I almost passed out…but the ac is being fixed now. So I praise you Lord for you are good and kind. In Christ alone, my hope is foundHe is my light, […]


We still haven’t been able to fix our ac system yet. Working out logistics and all that. It’s a warm day, I have the ac on. Doesn’t work much but we have it on to get some air flowing. So I’m sitting in the master bedroom doing laundry, had to step in the master bath […]


Lord things are not heading our way. Things are overwhelming again. My body is aching horribly .. MCAS is taking away a lot of my foods. But I say: Great are you Lord All the Earth will shout Your praiseOur hearts will cry, these bones will singGreat are You Lord(Come on say, all the Earth […]

More news

Got more frustrating news in regards to my health. More normal. How is it normal to be feeling like this?! I’m mad. But you know what? I praise you Lord. You are my shepherd and you guide me. You are my healer & provider. So I wait and trust in you…. “Great Are You Lord” […]

Here I am

Lord here I am .. I’m tired. I’m worn out. I’m trying to hope and trust in you but this is hard. So I praise you as I try to learn to truly trust in you You are my vision, O King of my heartNothing else satisfies, only You LordYou are my best thought by […]


Lord I am at a loss. I feel everything just … I don’t even know. Jesus help me Light of the worldYou stepped down into darknessOpened my eyes, let me seeBeauty that made this heart adore YouHope of a life spent with You Here I am to worshipHere I am to bow downHere I am […]


It’s 7 something in the morning and I had a rough night. My legs are so tired .. I’m in such pain I can’t even go to church (it’s a Sunday). But yet I still will praise my Lord. God I hate this so much, but I trust and hope in you alone. In the […]