Dude. Do you have any idea how much this process pisses me off? By process, I mean this time of illness and learning. Ugh. This whole thing pisses me off so much. Having to say no to things cause I physically can’t. Having to have people make plans without me? Not being considered cause I’m […]

Dear Lord

I thank you my dear Lord. I thank you for your mercies and your strength. I thank you for teaching me. I thank you for loving in spite of my complaining. I thank you Lord for this time of pain and suffering. I hate it to my core but I am thankful because I am […]

Okay Lord

Okay Lord. I know you have a plan .,. But could you tell me? Let me in on what’s gonna happen? This sucks. The pain….the fact that I can’t even think of anything worse cause it’s that bad…this sucks I know. I know. Patience. But why do I hafta wait? This sucks! I feel like […]


Sigh. So yesterday I finally went to urgent care and got my diagnosis. Well for my knee at least. I have dislocated my knee cap and I have advanced arthritis in several locations in my knee. I didn’t know that could happen – but people with EDS are susceptible to orthoarthritis … I know thats […]