Just so you know

Just so you know cause sometimes we need reminders: You are loved You are loved by many more than you know Right now? In this instant? You are making a difference. But just so you know? No one And I mean no one Loves you more than Jesus. Want to know why? Read John. Then […]

Bad day

There are days that are awesome around here. Words cannot describe how awesome it is to see God at work. And some days? Sometimes it’s a bad day. Sometimes every single thing I do is wrong. Sometimes everyone needs to tell me how wrong I am – by bashing me over the head. Sometimes I […]

I mean

Dude when God wants to speak to you…He will. I mean are your ears open? Are your eyes? Y’all know about this trying time I’m going through. Me finally learning to trust God. Well I was scrolling on Facebook Which I loathe to my core but some of those Star Wars groups have the best […]