she looked outside the window in a peaceful silence … knowing the chaos that day would bring. God. I cant do this. She slowly got up and moved about the room getting ready. She sat down on her big easy chair God. I cannot do this. I ask that your Holy Spirit would come upon […]


She looked quietly in the mirror. Her scars horrified her. She hated the way they proudly showed themselves off. Look at me! I hurt her when she was told she was fat. No! Look at me! I scarred her when people laughed at her. Nah! It’s me! I’m the most damaging! No one will ever […]


she looked around the floor. Everything was drenched. The chairs. the floor. the garbage can. the recycling. “Sorry mommy” Of course this happens when my husband is not home and its a bad pain day. Of course, she thought to herself. She sighed. “Take everything upstairs” And she began the arduous task of cleaning the […]