Sunflower seeds

I love me a good snack y’all … now that I’m low carb it’s slim picking to find a good salty snack (with my food restrictions). But I found a good one! Sunflower seeds. All that salt? All that yummy low carb…ness. Perfect right? Nope. Not wearing lipstick. MCAS decided to act up .. badly. […]

MCAS is weird

So I’m learning more and more about my new .:. Disease? Issue? MCAS is .. well weird. I found out that stress can trigger a mast cell flare .. was watching the news when? My nose started acting like a faucet and my lips started burning. Currently my lips are sore and I have those […]


We still haven’t been able to fix our ac system yet. Working out logistics and all that. It’s a warm day, I have the ac on. Doesn’t work much but we have it on to get some air flowing. So I’m sitting in the master bedroom doing laundry, had to step in the master bath […]

I’m a brat

Lord I’m a brat – I’m so sorry. I thank you for all of your blessings. Thank you for your love and peace. Yeah our dishwasher is busted. Yeah we have a hole in our ceiling. Yeah the ac doesn’t work Yeah it’s gonna start getting hot tomorrow But you know what? We have a […]


Lord things are not heading our way. Things are overwhelming again. My body is aching horribly .. MCAS is taking away a lot of my foods. But I say: Great are you Lord All the Earth will shout Your praiseOur hearts will cry, these bones will singGreat are You Lord(Come on say, all the Earth […]

Of course

So I’m sitting in the new house chilling with the kids .. having our ac unit inspected by our new maintenance company. The guy comes and tells me that we should’ve never passed the home inspection. Of course. I knew getting an older house was gonna be a challenge. Especially when the house was a […]

More news

Got more frustrating news in regards to my health. More normal. How is it normal to be feeling like this?! I’m mad. But you know what? I praise you Lord. You are my shepherd and you guide me. You are my healer & provider. So I wait and trust in you…. “Great Are You Lord” […]