Depression sucks

I think people have this idea about depression. That it’s an all encompassing sadness … a depreciating life. No my friend, depression sucks more than that. No. That’s not even close to what we go through. When I go through a bout? I get an all encompassing emptiness. I feel nothing. I spend most days […]

The stigma

So I just went for testing for the hypermobility syndrome. I’ve told very few people and have gotten various responses: “wow” “you don’t have that – my cousins uncles fathers sisters brother has that and you can’t have that. I know what it looks like” “you can’t have that you’re not skinny enough” and i’ve […]


Please my friend – talk. Talk to someone. Anyone. Don’t keep your feelings in – that’s not what God wants for us. Talk. In the US the number to talk to someone is 800-273- Talk Need someone who understands? I’m here for ya friend. Want to talk to a pastor? Email: There’s always someone […]