You have a purpose

Had an interesting conversation with my kids that I want to share with you. You .. right there, right now … have a purpose. The enemy wants you to forget that – I forget that a lot. But fight those thoughts. You have a purpose You are important You are loved Don’t ever forget that […]

The stigma

So I just went for testing for the hypermobility syndrome. I’ve told very few people and have gotten various responses: “wow” “you don’t have that – my cousins uncles fathers sisters brother has that and you can’t have that. I know what it looks like” “you can’t have that you’re not skinny enough” and i’ve […]


Please my friend – talk. Talk to someone. Anyone. Don’t keep your feelings in – that’s not what God wants for us. Talk. In the US the number to talk to someone is 800-273- Talk Need someone who understands? I’m here for ya friend. Want to talk to a pastor? Email: There’s always someone […]