So here we go

Okay when I type this its Saturday February 5th. I started a challenge yesterday and I’m gonna keep track of here. A marriage challenge – for just me. Its just for women challenge type thing. I am gonna spend the next 30 days not being critical of my husband. On top of that, I am […]


I am such a rebel. I don’t wear that label with pride. Its just a fact. People tell me certain things and just like that? I question them. I guess its just the side effect of going through what I did? But nothing seems right. And for a while? I thought that was something wrong […]


Why can’t we be real? Growing up? That was a big thing. Don’t let other people see you struggle. Super Christian to the rescue! I believe my brother said that’s what started him down the road of not believing. Then other things piled on that. Actually now that I think of it? Its still a […]