Got a new diagnosis: fibromyalgia. Great. Lord I thank you for this diagnosis, as it has me on a plan to manage. I know what I need to do.. But this is forever. Why? God I understand. I hate this so much. I want to cry and scream and just give up. But by Your […]


I’ve been having interesting dreams and want to share. I will leave to you what they mean .. God has really been placing this on my heart and I want to share. It was just after my grandmothers funeral, we were in her apartment, gathering her stuff. she used to live in an old apartment […]


I’m a planner .:. I plan out every aspect of everything. planning helps me – keep control I guess. I planned on running a marathon – but POTS changed that. I planned on losing a bunch of weight – but MCAS is making that harder and harder. Makes me frustrated and feeling defeated A lot […]