Just shine

This little light of mine …. I’m gonna let it shine … let it shine …. and honestly i dont remember how the rest of the song goes. Heres the full lyric video if you want. But anyways. Just shine. what does that mean? I mean I see so many people have these ideas and […]


no one likes me. im alone. i dont deserve to be here. These are all lies my friend. Lies that the enemy wants you to believe to control your heart. That fear and self loathing you feel? Thats not from God. I felt it for years and quite honestly? I still struggle with those thoughts. […]


Why can’t we be real? Growing up? That was a big thing. Don’t let other people see you struggle. Super Christian to the rescue! I believe my brother said that’s what started him down the road of not believing. Then other things piled on that. Actually now that I think of it? Its still a […]